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Your Therapists and Staff

Dr. Jeannelle Perkins Muhammad


Dr. Jeannelle is available for supervision, workshops, and public speaking engagements.

Dr. Jeannelle Perkins Muhammad is a Psychotherapist and Licensed Family Therapist with more than 20 years of experience in relationship and life coaching. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Capella University. As an adjunct professor at The Citadel in Charleston, SC, she is a culturally competent therapist helping to establish a new generation of clinical counselors. A graduate of the Roper St. Francis Foundation Fellowship, she is licensed in GA, FL, NC, and SC. 


Dr. Jeannelle is committed to removing the mental health stigma that persists by providing multi-cultural counseling to all who seek assistance. She believes that a deeper, more accurate understanding of mental health and wellness is transformative to all relationships. She provides intense relationship enrichment workshops designed for couples and singles, parent management, blended families, and teens.


Queen-Ella Pringle

Queen is a family coach with more than 10 years of experience. She is a native of New York City and a United States Air Force Veteran. She has extensive experience working with military service members and their families for over a decade in numerous roles of managing interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, team building, goal planning, work/life balance and many more areas which encourages personal and professional growth and development. She has organized and facilitated events for women’s groups, marriage seminars, children’s growth potential trainings retreats, corporate functions, and training environments. She has provided trainings in England, Turkey, Italy, Germany, and the United States. Each country present a new opportunity which she brings to her stable of facilitating and interaction.

John Frasier

I'm John Frasier and chances are I'm just like you... Someone trying to figure out this thing we call LIFE. Born and raised in Charleston, SC I learned early to be a southern gentleman without sacrificing the strength of my African ancestors. Over time I recognized my gift of empathetic conversation which is highlighted by my ability to actively listen. Couple that with an innate desire to help others and you get a glimpse into John.

I’m a 33year veteran of the US Air Force where I had the pleasure of not only serving my country but of mentoring many airmen affecting change in their lives. In the latter years of my service, I made a bold transition from my original career field of transportation to a support career field. That change allowed me to put my service in line with whom I believe God created me to be; a helper.

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