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Our 501(c)(3) is truly excited about this fantastic opportunity!

Like CPR, Mental Health First Aid® is designed to sustain life in an effort to assess the need for or accessing immediately, professional clinical assistance. Every day we may encounter someone who is experiencing a mental health problem or crisis at work, school, places of worship or in our homes. In fact, one in five people are living with a mental illness right now. Neighbors, teachers, nurses, colleagues, faith leaders, coaches, police officers and friends can help, with the appropriate training.  How? 

By incorporating Mental Health First Aid® where we live, work, worship and play because the more people who are trained as first aiders, the more we are able to intervene before a crisis develops. 


According to Tri-county Health Landscape (2016), the ratio of mental health providers to population is 1:1,261 in Berkeley County; 1:320 in Charleston County; and 1:798 in Dorchester County.  Mental health literacy is crucial to closing the gap as more clients gain access to services.


This fundraiser allows the 8-hour certification course to be administered in marginalized communities that cannot afford the class fee.  TMI Counseling and Coaching believes that strong healthy families are the foundation of our society.  Mental Health First Aid® offers another tool toward removing stigma, recognizing potential mental health problems and rewarding help-seeking behaviors.  


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