Do You Work Your Intimacy Levels?

Appreciation and Connection

Intimacy is a critical component of the marital ecosystem. An ecosystem is defined as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. Every interaction with your spouse involves some level of intimacy. In other words, the level of intimacy fluctuates throughout a couple's daily interactions.

In a healthy relationship, the intimacy levels range from 1 - 10. Levels 1-3 (low) occurs in activities such as listening to your spouse with the intent to understand and not fix or pass judgment. Levels 4-6 (medium) is experienced during deliberate, concentrated interacted actions with your spouse. For example, planning a dinner date or spending quality time alone. This stage can elevate to love making, sex and invokes some level of arousal and sexual stimulation. If continued, the two transition to levels 7-9 (high) where high level of arousal and passionate sex occurs. Level 10 is where the two experience the ultimate bliss. How intimately connected are you two?

An unhealthy relationship can interrupt the marital ecosystem and cause intimacy to become dormant or inexistent. Many couples in such situations are looking for help to reconnect, restart and rejuvinate the intimacy that once existed.

Has the intimacy in your relationship become dormant? Are you looking to enhance communication and love in your relationship? TMI Counseling and Coaching can help. Register today for one of our upcoming couples retreats and let the journey begin.

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