" I wanted to reach out and just thank you and Franklin for the EXCELLENT service I received during the time I had my sessions.  It has been a little more than 1 month now since we spoke and I want to report that all is well.During our time together you helped me to form new habits to assist me in managing my life and keeping in balance (mind,  body and spirit).  I am using the skills when it seems that life is getting hectic and I am able to get back on track.  Also, want to shout out Mr. Franklin for his customer service.  He made the process always seamless and smooth, was able to respond to my questions and always kept me up to date on next steps. I am getting married in October and will share pics with you.  Nothing big, keeping it small due to COVID.  We will be joining you in the Blue  Ridge mountains for one of those couple retreats in the near future. Peace and Blessings to you both!"  - C.S.


An email from a concerned parent...

Good morning, Just wanted to share with you that our son will be graduating on Saturday at 10am!!!  I just want to thank you. You are amazing to say the least. I'm thankful that I was introduced to you and that you were able to reach my son in his darkest place and pull him out. As a mother we think that we can do and fix all, but I learned that he needed more than me in that dark place. So thank you thank you thank you. Senior pictures to follow! LOL - TP, Charleston, SC

We are so grateful for what you have done for our marriage. Your careful and deliberate attention has taught us skills that truly do not come easy. We were on the edge of divorce, but no longer. We will continue to "work to our strengths" and "cover each other's weaknesses".  We are a forceful team and now see our collective worth.  Thank you! - F&T, Moncks Corner, SC


A note from the teacher to the parent...Wanted to write and let you know that C**** has been developing some really amazing coping for her emotions. I'm really proud of her. All the work at home is truly helping her at school and socially from what I see!  Thank you Ms. Jeannelle. We could not have done this without you.  -AC, Summerville, SC




















Marriage is the most sacred vow my husband and I took, but to have a successful marriage it takes a lot of work. When my husband and I decided to participate in the marriage enrichment, it wasn’t because we had marriage problems. We have been married for 15 years and I believe that our marriage became complacent. Taking the dive into Marriage Enrichment with Jeannelle Muhammad was the best decision we made together. Not only did it help us communicate with each other more effectively, but it reminded us of our priorities. The class brought us closer together and made us more aware of the good points in each other. We recommend Marriage Enrichment with Jeannelle Muhammad for all couples; you will definitely enjoy your time growing emotionally and spiritually together. - Joe & Sarah

We were headed to divorce court.  I hired an attorney and was prepared to begin the process when a friend gave me Jeannelle Perkins Muhammad's card and said "Just call and have one meeting. If you still do not want to try, I will support you fully."  Mike and I went to see Jeannelle and in the first meeting Mike began to reveal himself to me in ways I had never heard.  I was so surprised! I opened up too and agreed to continue with therapy.  We saw Jeannelle every other week for about 3 months and then decided to attend a Marriage Enrichment weekend.  It was life changing for us.  We gained a deeper understanding of ourselves, communication, romance - intimacy and so much more.  The best part, was that we did it without interruption of home life.  After sessions, we could get away and discuss in detail.  That was 6 years ago and I thank my friend almost weekly for that recommendation.  - Rachel Norfolk, VA

Every workshop we attended, we learned awesome relationships skills and creative ways to express our love towards each other. Not only did the workshop enrich our marriage, it reinforced our commitment to happily stay together. We are thankful for this wonderful workshop which added so much to our good marriage to make it an awesome marriage! - Marcus and Karen, Japan

My anxiety was terrifying.  It was destroying my marriage and relationships with children, friends and family.  I went to see Jeannelle we spent considerable time working through some of my childhood difficulties.  Though I had forgiven so many people for hurting me, I had not dealt with how it made me feel about myself.  A few months into counseling my husband and I decided to go to the marriage enrichment retreat.  My husband really appreciated that he did not feel like the "problem".  We learned skills that change our communication styles, conflict resolution, intimacy, finances and parenting to name a few.  Jeannelle and Franklin made the retreat so much fun.  Actually, they are funny...  - Dallas & Tony, Florida

What's interesting how you think you are doing everything right and still know something is slightly off.  That's what I thought about my wife and I after 8 years of marriage.  We went to see Jeannelle at my behest and she helped us find the missing pieces to the puzzle. It has been an amazing journey.  I'm glad we took the time to focus on our marriage so we could get back on track.  As Jeannelle says, "We must work to be Together on Purpose!"  - Richard

The marriage weekend was amazing.  We did not feel lectured to and the activities were fun!  I thought having other couples there would be embarrassing.  What I found was that we all have some of the same problems. No matter how long you have been married, there are challenges.  An added benefit was learning how they dealt with concerns with children and in-laws. Our cabin mates were really terrific.  We have been friends with them now for nearly 10 years. We attend the retreats every other year as a marital vacation. - Mika and James, Texas

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